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FY2024 Appropriations Requests

Programmatic and Language Requests

We are no longer accepting FY 2024 appropriations requests.

FY 2024 Community Project Funding Requests

We are no longer accepting FY 2024 Community Project Funding Requests. The deadline for all requests was COB March 20, 2023.

Last year, we were able to submit a limited number of community projects for our district as Congress began the Appropriations process. Because of this, we were able to obtain over $36 million in federal funding for projects in our district, ranging individually from $703,700 to $7,000,000. We will have that opportunity again this year. We are inviting local governments and community groups to submit projects for consideration. They must have strong community support, be ready for spending in one calendar year and make a significant difference to your community. The requests will be public and transparent. It’s difficult to narrow down requests. We will make our decision based on the depth of community support, quality of submission, impact on constituents, and project readiness.

Below you will find the designated guidance documents to make a Community Project Funding request by specific subcommittee accounts. Please note that each Congressional office has a limited number of project requests to submit so please prioritize projects for your community and must include the support from your region by communities, NGO’s, governments, business, labor, nonprofits for each request. We will not be able to submit all of the requests we receive, and ultimately the House Committee on Appropriations will determine which projects are funded.

More information can be found at the House Appropriations Committee website. And here is a list of the eligible accounts

All questions are required to be completed. If you do not have information for a response, please put N/A and email Zach Hayward ( with any additional details, materials, or questions.

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