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MLive: State of the Union guest Jim Harbaugh 'best of what the country should be'


Lansing, MI, January 12, 2016 | Emily Lawler

University of Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh doesn't just lead U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell's favorite team, he leads by example.

"For me he's the best of what the country should be and is," Dingell told MLive Monday night, pointing to his track record of hard work and teamwork.

Dingell, a Democrat, represents the 12th Congressional District, which includes the University of Michigan. She and U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Republican from West Michigan, together agreed to bring Harbaugh and his wife Sarah as guests to the State of the Union on Tuesday.

Each congressperson can invite one guest, so Amash invited Harbaugh and Dingell invited Sarah Harbaugh. Dingell said Amash's office approached hers about hosting the Harbaughs, and she'd have invited him in the first place if she knew he was interested.

Amash is a two-time graduate of the University of Michigan, having attended it for his undergraduate degree and juris doctor.

"I am excited and honored that Coach Harbaugh will attend the State of the Union as my guest," said Amash. "He's a leader and a champion who is making a difference."

Dingell is a big U-M football fan and love to tailgate. She's been impressed with Harbaugh's work and on and off the field this year.

"He has reenergized the football team... he believes in teamwork and he believes in everybody pulling together," Dingell said.

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