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Newsmax: The 25 Hardest Working Members of Congress

Newsmax - The 25 Hardest Working Members of Congress

Congress may have low approval ratings, with the latest Gallup poll showing just 18 percent of the public thinks the House and Senate are doing a good job.

Despite the public anger toward Congress, many members work their hearts out for their constituents and the public.

Newsmax’s editorial team interviewed dozens of people who know the House of Representatives really well. They included members of Congress, former members of Congress, congressional staffers, reporters, lobbyists, lawyers, and others. Importantly, we checked with constituents across the nation, asking their views on individual members of Congress.

Our survey was not scientific, but was based on solid criteria, including a House member’s commitment to their job, their interest in constituent services and follow-up, their championing of issues and causes important to the national interest, their honesty, and their ability to get things done.

Our survey did not include ideological litmus tests, and it comprises a bipartisan roll call of the House’s greatest. We looked at each member’s concern and passion for the public good. 

21. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) — In contrast to her husband and predecessor John Dingell (who served a record 60 years in the seat until retiring in ’14), freshman Rep. Debbie is back in the Dearborn-based district almost every Thursday to Monday. But she also wears the hats of Washington insider as a member of the Democratic National Committee and a top fundraiser for charities and fellow Democrats. 


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