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Dingell PFAS Amendments to be Debated in Defense Authorization Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell announced that her amendments to address PFAS contamination will be debated as part of a bill to set defense policy for the next fiscal year:

“To be clear, the House will address PFAS this week as we consider three of my amendments. Congress needs to act to address PFAS contamination wherever it exists and stop kicking the can down the road. If the President wants to veto this bill because he thinks the PFAS provisions go too far, I invite him to drink, bathe, or swim in some of the water our communities do,” said Dingell.

“We have to address PFAS head on and from all angles. This is just a beginning in making real progress to tackle this crisis.”

Dingell’s three amendments designate PFAS as a hazardous substance for the purpose of clean up under the EPA’s Superfund Program, ban the use of PFAS in materials used to produce MRE’s consumed by service men and women in the field and during training, and require military instillations to cooperate with states as PFAS contamination is detected near these facilities. The House will debate the amendments Thursday, with final passage of the bill expected Friday.


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