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Dingell: Critical to Protect National Security & Constitution, Begin Formal Investigation

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) issued the following statement:

“I remain deeply concerned about the division in this country that I fear could harm the roots of our democracy. We are a divided country, but we can never be divided on the rule of law.

“We learned the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community had determined this was a credible, urgent whistleblower report that was a real threat to our national security. Congress has a responsibility to understand the perceived threat and to address the issues. The law requires that potential threats such as this be provided to the Intelligence Committees of Congress and that has yet to happen.

“It is our responsibility as Members of Congress to protect the United States of America. We take an oath to protect our Constitution and to protect our national security.

“When someone is using appropriated funds designated for national security to threaten a world leader for their own personal and political gain – it cannot be ignored. It requires action. We need the facts.

“We must use all Congressional authorities to follow the facts, launch an investigation, and uncover the truth. That is our moral responsibility. It is critical for the future of our democracy. That is why I support an impeachment inquiry into the President.

“This is our job. We still have the responsibility to lower drug prices for Americans, to get a trade deal that's going to help the hardworking men and women – and we have a moral responsibility to protect our Constitution.”


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