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Lowering Prescription Drug Prices and Healthcare Costs

Washington, June 21, 2019
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June 21, 2019
Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
and Healthcare Costs

Like many Michiganders, I too am deeply concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs and healthcare. This is an issue that impacts all Americans. It keeps people up at night, often causing them to make choices between paying for treatment or other expenses. We cannot forget the days when half the bankruptcies in this country were due to medical expenses.

I brought together my colleagues in the Michigan Congressional Delegation, healthcare experts, and patientsfor a discussion on ways we can take action to protect Americans facing escalating prescription drug costs, fear of losing coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and terrifying out-of-pocket expenses. Frankly put, this was one of the most disturbing panels I’ve heard from. A mother, who’s daughter’s medicine cost her $400,000 per year, told us she fears for her daughter’s life because they can’t afford the needed medication. Ayoung woman in her 20stold us she drives to Canada to buy insulin because she can’t afford it here – she has good insurance but it doesn’t cover what she needs.

Unfortunately, these stories have become all too common. House Democrats have made healthcare a top priority – because we hear about it every day. We have passed strong legislation that will lower the cost of prescription drugs, protect coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and make healthcare more affordable. These common-sense bills will help working families and seniors and guarantee that every American has quality, affordable healthcare. Congress must deliver.


Debbie Dingell
Member of Congress

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