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Dingell Leads Coalition-Building to Take on Climate Change Challenge

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, at a Washington DC discussion on building a 100 percent clean economy future, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) outlined her comprehensive plans to set our country on a path to support our economy, creates jobs for hard-working Americans, supports domestic manufacturing, protects human health, and conserves the environment by mid-Century.

“Weather events are getting more severe. Hurricanes and wildfires cause more damage each year, and extreme cold and heat waves more common. Climate change is changing the world around us causing mass displacement and global health crises caused by continuing sea level rise and increasing annual temperatures. Now is the time for the United States to lead the world in the face of this mass existential threat we all must confront,” said Dingell.

“The United Nations was clear. The 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report recommended the world must rapidly transition to a clean, net-zero economy by 2050. Climate change is affecting global health, the economy, limited natural resources, international trade, sever weather events, and serious issues of environmental justice. This is one of the most significant issues that our nation and world have had to tackle. On the recommendation of the United Nations report, our goal, for this moment, should be 100-by-50. That is why we are introducing legislation to achieve a 100 percent clean, net-zero emissions economy by 2050. We need comprehensive effort to innovate in technology, economy, and society. Our challenge is tough. Yes, many will say it will be difficult, but one we must can meet with American might and ingenuity.

“Today, at Center for American Progress, we spoke about that 100 percent clean energy bill that we are getting ready to introduce that sets our national goals for a clean economy by 2050, help implement wider electric vehicles adoption and build out charging infrastructure, and establish a National Climate Bank to publicly finance and stimulate private investment in clean, renewable energy products.

“There are many different voices and opinions on the path forward, but it is important for everyone to be at the table. On each of the legislative front we are about introduce, I have been leading a coalition of groups and continue to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and included throughout the process. It is up to all of us to meet this consequential moment together and build a world that puts public health, environmental protection, and the futures of all generations at the forefront of all we do on climate change.”

Video of the event is available here.

In the coming weeks, Dingell will unveil legislation with her Congressional colleagues to set a national goal for achieving a clean economy, encourage greater electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and she will lead legislation to establish a National Climate Bank to publicly finance and stimulate private investment in clean, renewable energy products.


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