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Dingell on New Mideast Peace Package

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) made the following statement after the Trump Administration announced its Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal:

“This is not a peace plan, it actually aggravates issues in the region. The negotiations did not include Palestinians, or buy-in from regional partners such as Jordan and Egypt. For peace to prevail, both states need to be treated fairly. To be clear, this package grants a conditional state in name only to the Palestinians. A state that could never be sovereign because it is not contiguous and is entirely surrounded by Israel. Further, providing no right of return for Palestinian refugees, annexing the Jordan Valley to Israel, and recognizing West Bank settlements as Israeli territory does not treat Palestinians as equals. This proposal holds the potential to further the conflict and occupation and is not an earnest attempt at peace in the region.

“The United States must remain committed toward a just, two-state solution to the conflict that allows both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace, side-by-side. In December, the House of Representatives reiterated that commitment. 

“Peace is never easy, and we must be clear-eyed about the obstacles that remain in resolving this conflict. This plan does not meet this standard, and is not a plan I can support.”


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