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Dingell Votes to Disapprove Trump Administration Efforts to Gut Medicaid and Hurt Millions of Americans

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) voted to keep Medicaid coverage strong for the millions of American seniors, children, and disabled who rely on the program for quality, affordable healthcare coverage.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution opposing the Trump Administration’s recent proposed actions to slash the funding states receive to administer the Medicaid program, thereby cutting benefits and further limiting access to the program. Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released plans to weaken Medicaid coverage and transform the programs funding into block grants to states. An analysis from 2012 on a similar Medicaid Block Grant proposal found between 14 and 21 million people would eventually lose their Medicaid coverage under a Block Grant program.

“Quality, affordable healthcare through Medicaid gives American seniors, children, and disabled stability and peace of mind. Gutting Medicaid takes our country in the wrong direction,” said Dingell. “In the past, Congress has shown bipartisan support to expand and strengthen Medicaid, including making it easier to receive long-term care. The Administration’s efforts to block grant Medicaid are illegal and will lead to massive cuts for those who depend on it. We must work together to reduce healthcare costs and help the most vulnerable in our society.”

Michigan has recently seen the benefits of what happens when programs like Medicaid are expanded at the state level. The Healthy Michigan program – a Medicaid expansion program -  currently covers over 650,000 Michiganders, providing them access to both quality, affordable healthcare and protection from crippling medical bills.

In the last year alone, House Democrats have passed over 11 pieces of legislation that range from drastically lower the cost of prescription drugs, to protecting those with pre-existing conditions., and expanding and improving Medicaid.


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