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Dingell-led Provisions Included in House Democrats’ Third Coronavirus Response Bill

Dingell Provisions on Resources for Seniors & Caregivers, Prevent Water Shutoffs, Reduce Cost of COBRA Health Insurance Coverage, and Support Auto Industry & Suppliers Impacted by Virus

Washington, March 24, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, House Democrats released details of the Take Responsibility for Workers and Family Act, a third coronavirus response package which includes provisions written by Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI). 

Dingell led sections related to provide resources and support to protect the health and well-being of seniors, people with disabilities and the front-line workers and family caregivers; to prevent water shutoffs; to reduce the cost of COBRA health insurance coverage for workers laid off; and to support the auto industry and suppliers impacted by the effects of the virus. 

Among the bills other provisions, the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act makes health care affordable and accessible, bolsters the health care system, protects frontline response workers, puts money in the pockets of individuals and families, enhances unemployment compensation, expands paid leave, ensures food security, supports small businesses, assists state and local governments, invests in schools and universities, and upholds our Constitutional imperative to hold elections this year.

“The first responsibility all of us in Congress is address this public health crisis,” said Dingell. “Congress must work out a deal that will address this health crisis and help the hardworking men and women of this country. People are getting sick and hospitals are starting to run out of protective gear and masks. The economy needs stabilization too. The common good must come first and none of us in Congress can forget that.

Dingell continued, “The front-line workers and family caregivers need our support and resources to protect their health and well-being. My bill which was included in this package will address critical health and economic needs for nursing homes, community-based services, home health care workers, seniors, and people with disabilities who rely on services.

“It’s morally wrong to shut off the water of families during a time when handwashing is so important. Along with Congresswoman Tlaib, we pressed leadership to include this critical measure so people in our community don’t lose access to water and essential hygiene support,” said Dingell.

“Suddenly, many people lost their jobs with no warning and are now facing the reality of unaffordable COBRA premiums. Adding insult to injury during this public health crisis,” said Dingell. “Access to affordable, quality health insurance is critical which is why I pressed to bring down the cost of COBRA and ensure everyone laid off can continue to receive their health coverage during this chaotic time.”

The auto industry and our supplier base is the backbone of our economy here in Michigan. We need to ensure that both OEM’s and suppliers are eligible for relief such as loan guarantees to ensure they have the liquidity to survive this crisis. Our auto workers are the best in the world and we have to make sure we’re there for them during times of crisis like this,” Dingell concluded.

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