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Dingell Statement on Trump’s Visit to 12th Congressional District

Washington, May 21, 2020

YPSILANTI, MI – Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) issued the following statement ahead of President Trump’s visit to Ford’s Rawsonville Plant in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District:

“President Trump will see the best of Michigan and our communities during his visit today. Strength and resiliency. The know-how, grit, determination and American ingenuity that can in a short time convert a plant to production on critical equipment needed to care for the sick and protect the healthy. Production at Rawsonville started because UAW, Ford, and Airon came together quickly to find a solution for ventilators. The entire teams of scientists, engineers, UAW workers, and the skilled trades came together quickly and demonstrated How we remain at the forefront of innovation and technology. 

“President Trump is visiting the home of Rosie the Riveter. We know what it means to step up when your country needs you and teamwork includes caring, compassion, and kindness. That’s the best of our community.

“This is a big week for the auto industry as we begin the slow reopening of the economy. The most critical factor in the reopening is making sure we still take proper steps to protect the health and safety of workers. Masks, distancing, and regularly washing hands and surfaces are critical protocols and all visiting the plants must follow them. Workers need to wear their masks at all times and keep their physical distance-it matters. Ford has already had to temporarily halt production at two plants because workers tested positive for COVID after coming back to work. The spread is real. No one is above these steps, and it is my respectful wish that Trump and his entire team take these protocols seriously. Their actions do have consequences, and wearing the masks might save a life.

“The strength of Michigan comes from our hardworking men and women. For years, those hard working men and women have been on the losing end of jobs leaving this country which we now have learned has left us vulnerable and weakened in rapid manufacturing response. The pandemic has put a microscope on cracks in our society.

“Again, I’ve always said I’ll work with President Trump when he wants to help hard-working men and women, but I’ll also work to hold this Administration accountable. Going forward we need to make sure American policies encourage Made in America and support good-paying jobs right here at home."

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