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Dingell, Upton Ask Questions Surrounding Edenville Dam Breach

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Representatives Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Fred Upton (R-MI), along with leadership of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, asked questions about safety concerns and non-compliance of the Edenville Dam before it breached and caused catastrophic damage throughout downstream communities.

Dingell and Upton wrote to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which revoked Boyce Hydro Power’s license in September 2018. The lawmakers also wrote to the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment (EGLE), as the state of Michigan maintained primary jurisdiction over the dam since 2018, including when it was breached.

As members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee – which has oversight responsibilities – Dingell and Upton’s letters ask questions to better understand what happened as part of their Congressional oversight responsibilities as members of the Energy and Commerce Committee. 

“The breach of the Edenville Dam caused extensive damage throughout the region that drowned homes, businesses, and whole communities,” said Dingell and Upton. “It is critical we get the facts on what happened leading up to the federal government revoking the dam’s license, how the state evaluated the dam in the time since, and additional information on the regulatory and legal actions the state took following the revocation of the license. This inquiry is critical to ensuring this never happens again in any city in America with a high hazard dam. It is concerning there are serious gaps in existing laws and gathering the facts will be essential as we consider future bipartisan legislation to protect communities across the country.”

A copy of Dingell and Upton’s letter to FERC is available here. A copy of Dingell and Upton’s letter to EGLE is available here

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