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Dingell Update: September 4, 2020

Washington, September 4, 2020
Here is an update for September 4.

Thought of the day: "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Wishing everyone a safe Labor Day weekend. This year we can’t celebrate with parades, backyard barbecues, and block parties. Along with smart experts, I have concerns this weekend could contribute to spread. We all must be responsible and avoid gatherings, wear a mask, and stay home.

Staying home doesn’t mean we forget what this weekend is about. Labor Day celebrates the hard-working men and women who built the American economy and the strength and well-being of our country. This year has brought many labor issues to the forefront: safe working conditions, health care benefits, safe nursing ratios, and keeping class sizes down so teachers have time for each student. These battles fought and won by labor improve the well-being and standard of living not just for their members, but for all. We must never take these gains for granted. At a time when unions are undermined and under attack, we recognize the contributions of labor and stand in solidarity with working men and women across this country.

Last night, we held a virtual conversation for veterans and their families focused on ensuring veterans continue to receive critical services and care during the pandemic. Telemedicine appointments are difficult or impossible for aging or disabled veterans. Prescriptions or benefits sent through the mail have been affected by slowdowns. And most of all, I’m worried about veterans feeling alone or left behind at home by themselves. I was joined by Dr. Ginny Creasman, Director Ann Arbor VA Hospital; Terri Tocco, Assistant Director, VA Detroit Regional benefits Office; Zaneta Adams, Director Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA); Michael Smith, Washtenaw County Veterans Affairs Director; and Gary Easterling, Director of SE Detroit Veteran Service Officers for the American Legion. At every level our nation, state, and community are here for veterans. We want to help, know what issues they are experiencing, and ensure they are getting the care and service they deserve. Click below to watch our conversation.

The 2020 Census is in the home stretch. Everyone has until September 30 to complete the critically important census. Michigan’s participation has been great so far, but that doesn’t mean our work is done. It’s on all of us to complete the 2020 Census. Remember, political change starts with making your voice heard, and everyone can build their power by participating in the Census. Everyone single person living in the US has the right to get counted. It takes just 10 minutes to make a 10-year impact in your community. This could mean more funding for after school programs, more money for housing, and increased funding for healthcare. Our community deserves to be heard.

This week, the Trump Administration announced they will not be joining a World Health Organization effort to globally distribute a viable vaccine once it’s ready. Going it alone doesn’t work during a global pandemic. Distributing a vaccine – especially on a global scale – ensures public health and has the potential to bolster American research and manufacturing. I fear this is just another way our nation will fall behind in the global marketplace.

Team Dingell is here seven days a week and wants to listen and help. It isn’t as smooth as we want on some issues, but we will never stop fighting for you. Call our office at 313-278-2936 or contact us through Facebook or our webpage.
New information becomes available every day. Below is a list of resources and information that can be helpful during this time. Please share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues. Remember, stay home, stay safe, save lives.

Coronavirus information

File for unemployment

Small Businesses can apply for low-interest disaster loans

Navigating Social Security Benefits
School Based Food Service Interactive Map
Food Banks and Kitchens in Michigan's 12th Congressional District
Contact numbers for people looking for information are:
• Centers for Disease Control,, 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)., or 888-535-6136.

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