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Dingell Electric Vehicle Provisions to Receive a Vote in the House

Electric Vehicles Drive Clean Mobility Future, Manufacturing, and Addressing Climate Change

WASHINGTON, DC – This week, the House of Representatives will consider legislation that makes long-overdue reforms to U.S. energy policy and includes provisions led by Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) to electrify our transportation sector and advance the development, production, and distribution of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure across the United States.

“As we look at ways to update our energy policies and keep the United States at the forefront of a low-carbon future, we must include decarbonizing the transportation sector,” said Dingell. “As the effects of climate change intensify and other nations invest heavily in the advancement of electric vehicle production and adoption, it’s critical the United States accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure to remain on the forefront of innovation and global competitiveness. Investing in electric vehicles and expanding necessary EV charging stations nationwide will help reduce costs, curb range anxiety, and create the manufacturing jobs of the future—it is also pivotal to the United States rapidly transitioning to a clean, net zero emissions economy.”

Dingell is a leader in Congress on electric vehicles and auto policy. In January, she introduced the USA Electrify Forward Act, comprehensive electric vehicle and electric infrastructure legislation. The bill is focused on five pillars: (1) retooling domestic manufacturing, (2) updating building codes, (3) electrifying all forms of transportation, (4) deploying more EV charging stations, and (5) improving the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program.


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