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Dingell Update: October 2, 2020

Here is an update for October 2nd.
Thought of the day: “Be nice to the environment. Be nice to animals. Be nice to people. If you do that, you will leave a mark on the world.” ― Enock Maregesi

Serious news overnight as the President and First Lady tested positive for COVID. I just wish them well. It is my prayer – as it is for everyone affected – that they will be healthy, have a mild case, and recover quickly. This is a reminder to all that COVID is real and everywhere, and doesn’t care who gets infected.

The President now joins the nearly 7.5 million Americans who tested positive since the tracking began. The President has been in the same room as a lot of people recently, it’s critical everyone take contact tracing seriously and follow the directions of public health experts. This is still a serious virus. Even if you are young, healthy or have no symptoms, you can still transmit the virus. Wear masks, keep distance, and wash your hands.

Last night, the House passed an updated Heroes Act – four months since we passed coronavirus relief and no action from the Senate. It includes support for state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to keep paying essential employees like teachers, police, fire, EMS, sanitation workers, and other frontline jobs critical to helping to fight COVID. I was proud to lead many provisions in this compromise language such as keeping the water on in people’s homes, support for long-term car for seniors and people with disabilities to get the care they need, strengthening workplace safety standards, increasing support for heating and utility assistance, and bolstering domestic violence programs. We’ve seen disabled people evicted from their homes, kids returning to schools without funding to meet technology or sanitary needs, not to mention – the cases and deaths are devastating. We have a responsibility to take action to protect the health and well-being of all of our communities. The Heroes Act honors the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes and meet the needs of the American people today and through the coronavirus crisis. The Senate must act. Period.

It broke my heart to not be in Michigan Thursday to welcome each and every person to the opening of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. I’m told many people took advantage of the opening, and nothing would have made John more happy. That’s what the refuge was created for – the preservation of critical habitat and species, and the opportunity for all people to enjoy the great outdoors. The Refuge is open Thursdays through Sundays during daylight hours. I’ll see you all there soon!

Team Dingell is here seven days a week and wants to listen and help. It isn’t as smooth as we want on some issues, but we will never stop fighting for you. Call our office at 313-278-2936 or contact us through Facebook or our webpage.
New information becomes available every day. Below is a list of resources and information that can be helpful during this time. Please share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues. Remember, stay home, stay safe, save lives.

Coronavirus information

File for unemployment

Small Businesses can apply for low-interest disaster loans

Navigating Social Security Benefits
School Based Food Service Interactive Map
Food Banks and Kitchens in Michigan's 12th Congressional District

Arabic language resources مصادر اللغة العربية
عزل COVID-19 والحجر الصحي
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COVID-19 ما تحتاج إلى معرفته عن
اغسل يديك
Contact numbers for people looking for information are:
• Centers for Disease Control,, 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)., or 888-535-6136.

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