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Dingell Update: November 11, 2020

Here is an update for November 11th.

Thought of the day: “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify, who doesn’t see red states and blue states, only sees the United States.” – President-Elect Joe Biden

On Tuesday, Michigan reported 6,473 new cases and 84 new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the state’s total case count to 223,277 and deaths to 7,724. Our state continues to see record breaking case counts nearly every week. Michigan hospitals have reported a 215% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, 146% increase in patients on ventilators, and 137% increase in ICU patients. The virus is still here, it is not magically going away. These are not Democratic or Republican lives; they are American lives. We must all work together to protect Americans and crush this virus.

On the vaccine front, we received some very promising news from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Monday, Pfizer reported 90% effectiveness in their ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials. This means we could have a suitable vaccine very soon. However, it will take time to distribute a vaccine once it has completed trials and been approved for use. Health experts, like Dr. Fauci, do not expect a vaccine to be distributed to the broader public until Spring 2021. As we wait for a vaccine to become widely available, we must continue following CDC guidelines—wear a mask, physically distance, and wash those hands.

On Monday, President-Elect Biden announced a panel of scientists and health experts to serve on the President-Elect’s coronavirus task force. The Coronavirus Taskforce will inform and advise the President-Elect on managing spikes in cases, ensuring vaccines are safe and free to Americans, and protecting at-risk communities. Before his swearing-in, the President-Elect is already showing more leadership in crushing this virus than Trump has shown since its beginning.

Today is Veterans Day, a day for us to pause and salute the men and women that serve our country so bravely in the armed forces. Unfortunately, our veterans are facing a new type of battle here at home. Since the beginning of the COVID health crisis, over 4,000 of our nation’s veterans have lost their lives to the deadly virus. We owe it to them to do much better.

Veterans Day makes me think about my dear husband John, it was always the most important day of the year for him. Throughout his life, John Dingell held many titles—father, friend, husband, Chairman, Congressman—but he was most proud to be called a veteran. John’s military service is what inspired his life’s work and deep love for this great country.

On Saturday, Americans decisively elected a new president and vice president in this historic 2020 election. President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris come to office at a very precarious moment for our nation. We are battling a deadly pandemic, the economy is in a downturn, and many Americas are struggling to put food on the table. After 4 years of President Trump dividing us and distracting from the real issues Americans are facing, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We need a clear plan for crushing COVID, economic relief for families, and expanded access to comprehensive health care coverage so Americans can get the care they need. We have our work cut out for us, but we are up to the task.

Be safe, Michigan! Wear your mask, keep your physical distance, and wash your hands! Together, we can crush this virus, keep Americans healthy, and save lives.

Team Dingell is here seven days a week and wants to listen and help. It isn’t as smooth as we want on some issues, but we will never stop fighting for you. Call our office at 313-278-2936 or contact us through Facebook or our webpage.
New information becomes available every day. Below is a list of resources and information that can be helpful during this time. Please share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues. Remember, stay home, stay safe, save lives.

Coronavirus information

File for unemployment

Small Businesses can apply for low-interest disaster loans

Navigating Social Security Benefits
School Based Food Service Interactive Map
Food Banks and Kitchens in Michigan's 12th Congressional District

Arabic language resources مصادر اللغة العربية
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• اغسل يديك
Contact numbers for people looking for information are:
• Centers for Disease Control,, 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).
•, or 888-535-6136.

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