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Dingell Statement on Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) issued the following statement on the situation in Afghanistan:

“I am closely monitoring the evolving situation in Afghanistan. The images we are seeing are disturbing, and there will be many questions that Congress will need answered in the coming weeks and months ahead.

For the moment, the focus must be on a safe evacuation of U.S. personnel and citizens remaining in the country, as well as Afghan SIV recipients and personnel who have stood by our servicemen and women throughout this war and face serious risks from the Taliban. Providing resources and support for these ongoing efforts will save lives and must be our top priority in the coming days and weeks.

Moving forward, we must also work closely with our allies in the international community to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Afghanis are upheld. I am deeply concerned about the future of Afghani girls and women whose lives and rights are in peril. Afghani girls and women deserve to live with dignity and have access to education and job opportunities without facing terror or intimidation.

Finally, Afghanistan cannot become a safe haven for terrorists who aim to threaten the American people. We must work to utilize all tools available to keep our nation safe from future threats.”
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