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Dingell Votes to Pass Critical Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Calls for Need to Pass Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) released the following statement after voting last night to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the rule for the Build Back Better Act:

“When the President first laid out his plan for rebuilding the economy – and the country – I made a commitment to the hard-working families of Michigan that we would prioritize creating good-paying American jobs and getting the economy back up and running, all while fixing our roads and bridges and combatting climate change.

“Last night, I voted to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes strong investments for strengthening our crumbling roads and bridges, getting the lead out of our drinking water pipes, boosting high speed internet and making it accessible, and upgrading our electric power grid.

“Yesterday’s vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a significant step forward in progressing the Build Back Better agenda and supporting the American people. But just this bill alone is not enough to help families across the country – there is so much more at stake. I’m fighting for clean, lead-free water, for an electric vehicle charging infrastructure that’ll create jobs and keep the supply chain here at home, and for a care economy that supports seniors, people with disabilities, and care workers. The Build Back Better Act will prioritize these issues, and we are incredibly close to making a once-in-a-generation investment for working families.

“My responsibility to my constituents is to deliver and fight for them. I made promises to uphold these priorities, and my votes this week reflect that. People are up against incredible financial strain, domestic manufacturing needs a boost, we need to get the lead out of our children’s water, and we need to advance on a path that gets this done.”


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