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Dingell Historic Home Care Investment Advances to Senate

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) voted to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure through the Build Back Better Act, which includes her historic provision to expand home- and community-based services to support long-term care recipients and care workers.

“Care is infrastructure – it allows for all other work to be possible. No one should have to wait to get the care they deserve, and no care worker should have to live below the poverty line to give this care,” said Dingell. “This is personal for me – I was lucky enough to keep John at home, but we need to think about the nearly 1 million people on waitlists for HCBS. We can’t keep adding people to waitlists for care they so desperately need – we have a responsibility to fix this system. This historic investment in home care is critical so seniors and people with disabilities can get the care they need in the setting of their choice, while also ensuring care workers are receiving pay and benefits commensurate with their work.”

Dingell, who has experienced the hardships of our nation’s long-term care system, has fought for seniors, people with disabilities, and care workers since she came to Congress. In June, she introduced the Better Care Better Jobs Act with Senator Bob Casey and has worked tirelessly in the House Energy and Commerce Committee to include robust funding for HCBS in the Build Back Better Act. Dingell continues to work with colleagues and advocates to make a stronger long-term care system a reality.


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