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Dingell Statement on Senate Reconciliation Negotiations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) today released the following statement on the status of Senate reconciliation negotiations.

“Almost one year ago, labor, environmental advocates, and the auto industry stood together at the White House with the President to announce a historic, ambitious goal to reduce carbon emissions across the transportation sector and save our environment. To accomplish that goal, we need to enact policies and take real action immediately. Not acting this year on advancing meaningful climate investments means failing our workers, our domestic businesses, our environment, and American leadership. To be blunt, it will cost jobs and lives.

“Inaction continues a dangerous, disturbing pattern of allowing our global economic competition to advance as we stand still. It’s a matter of national security and global competitiveness. Parking lots in my district and state are full of new vehicles ready for delivery but missing one small part – a semiconductor chip. Manufacturing plants have had to regularly halt operations due to the mass shortage of these semiconductors, meanwhile, China benefits every day we are paralyzed by political games. We cannot stop fighting for these policies. Combatting climate change and solidifying our standing as an economic superpower should not be House vs. Senate issues or Republican vs. Democratic issues, because more than anything else, they are American issues which demand real action by those of us elected to serve.”

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