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Dingell Statement on Michigan Court of Appeals Gelman Plume Ruling

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) today released the following statement in response to the Michigan Court of Appeals vacating the June 2021 trial court clean up order regarding the Gelman Plume and reinstating the 2011 consent judgement. Dingell has led efforts to designate the Gelman Plume as an Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site, and recently hosted EPA Regional Administrator Debra Shore in Ann Arbor for a discussion of the Plume and other regional environmental issues.
“Polluters who do not take responsibility for their toxic waste must be held accountable and our communities must have faith that the judicial system will provide that justice. This ruling overturning the 2021 judicial order that would force Gelman to enact urgent, substantive cleanup measures will put human health and our water at risk. For decades, Gelman has attempted to stall and deflect while the plume spreads and threatens our water and environmental health. It was clear already – and even clearer now – that we must act urgently to designate this site as an EPA Superfund site so that we can finally clean up this site and begin to end this nightmare for families living in this area."
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