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Dingell tours Grosse Ile wastewater facility seeing multimillion-dollar investments

The News-Herald: Dingell tours Grosse Ile wastewater facility seeing multimillion-dollar investments

The Grosse Ile Wastewater Treatment facility received a full overview Tuesday after U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-6th District) toured the place along with a few city officials.\

The visit highlighted a nearly $3.5M investment in federal funds Dingell secured last year as part of an omnibus appropriations package.

The package was designed to address a wide range of things, including investing in efforts to protect the environment and develop and distribute clean energy.

“With this federal funding, we are supporting our local communities to support and improve the lives of those who live and work here,” Dingell said.

The infrastructure investment of millions will help minimize sewage overflows into the waterways, officials said.

Dingell went on to point out the investment also will help complete legally mandated upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant and will expand the plant’s operating capacity.

It will also address the risks of sewage overflows into the Detroit River and Lake Erie that threaten access to clean water throughout the region.

“Here in Michigan, we know better than anyone how critical access to clean water is for our neighborhoods, and the devastating impact it can have on families when we are unable to do the work necessary to protect that access,” Dingell said.

Dingell secured a total of more than $36 million as part of her Community Project funding requests for fiscal year 2023 for projects throughout Michigan’s former 12th Congressional District, which she represented in Congress for the last eight years.

Redistricting now has her in the new 6th District, which includes many of the same Downriver communities as her prior district.
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