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Dingell Statement on Impending Government Shutdown

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) released the following statement on the impending government shutdown.
“It is wrong to allow the government to shut down. This is not the way we should be running our government. It’s inefficient, it’s ineffective, and it’s going to hurt working Americans. I always remind people that when we talk about a government shutdown, we need to remember that people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. Every shutdown hurts working families, it hurts our economy, it hurts our national security and public safety, and it’s a failure to do the jobs we were elected to do.
“We will work through the weekend to attempt to arrive at a responsible proposal to keep the government open. But the key word is responsible. We cannot pass a budget that will slash funding for children, for veterans, and for seniors, as some of these proposals would do. I will not vote for a budget that would gut our federal agencies that provide critical services from food assistance to support for education, funding to keep our air and water clean, and other programs that we rely on and often take for granted. If the government does shut down, responsibility will lie solely with a small group of Republicans who would rather use the appropriations process to attempt to further their own political motives than serve the American people.”
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