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Dingell Statement on Continued Violence in Gaza, Urgent Need for Humanitarian Assistance, Growing Division at Home

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) today released the following statement on the continued conflict between Israel and Gaza, the urgent need for additional humanitarian assistance, and the danger of growing division and fear here at home. 
“The violence between Gaza and Israel has killed thousands of Israeli and Palestinian civilians, injured tens of thousands, and displaced millions. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening every day and the lives of more than two million Palestinians remain at extreme risk. I am joining the United Nations, many of my colleagues in Congress, and NGOs in calling for an urgent humanitarian pause in hostilities to deliver lifesaving food and water, ensure the safe passage of civilians attempting to flee and safe return of Americans stranded in Gaza, and secure the return of all hostages. We must ensure that international law is upheld and make every effort to protect civilians in the region.
“Since this began more than three weeks ago, I have been consistently talking with community members on all sides who have been impacted, including some who lost loved ones in the Hamas attacks on Israel, and those whose family members have been killed in Gaza. Their stories are devastating and abhorrent. I represent strong Arab American and Jewish communities who are important to me and am seriously disturbed by the rising antisemitism and Islamophobia in our communities and across the country. I have heard horrific accounts from those involved on all sides of lives being threatened, unacceptable vitriolic language, students afraid to wear cultural identifiers, women afraid to walk in hijabs, defecation being left on the doorsteps of homes, and people afraid to speak in fear of retaliation and their own physical safety. It is unacceptable. We all must step up to hate and fear and we must tirelessly work for peace, because we are seeing firsthand the dangers of this growing division. So many are hurting, and we must remember our humanity first in the hardest times.”
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