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Worth Fighting For

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Dear Friend, Some things in life are worth fighting for. The right of every American to quality, affordable health care is one of them. As we return to Washington this week to an uncertain future for the Affordable Care Act, I am more unsettled, worried and focused than ever before on the responsibility we as elected officials have to our constituents. During the past 10 days at home, everywhere ... Read more »

The Fight Continues

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The Fight Continues Dear Friend, Today we voted on what might be the single most important issue this Congress deals with. The Republicans’ proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which narrowly passed the House of Representatives today, would have a devastating impact on Americans’ healthcare – it would rip insurance away from millions of people and turn back the clock on progress to ensure ... Read more »

ACA Repeal Bill Pulled

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Dear Friend, Today, bipartisan members of the House of Representatives came together to reject Republicans' disastrous proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it was crystal clear this legislation would have devastating consequences for the seniors, children and working families we represent. The nonpartisan CBO confirmed this proposal would push 24 million Americans off their healthca... Read more »

We Can Do It!: Preserving Michigan's Rosie the Riveter Legacy

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Rosie the Riveter is an important symbol for me and her picture hangs in all three of my offices. The Rosie’s role in history empowered young girls and redefined for all of us the role of women in the workplace. Rosie the Riveter is also commonly used as a symbol of women's economic power. According to the Encyclopedia of American Economic History, Rosie the Riveter inspired a social movement that... Read more »

Beginning Older Americans Month

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This has been an intense week. Issues I care about deeply have been front and center...and perhaps one of the most important votes of my career has been framed. It started with the once-in-a-decade White House Conference on Aging last Monday, which President Obama convened for leaders from across the country to come together to talk about issues facing Americans as they plan for retirement, care f... Read more »

A bipartisan step forward for 21st Century Cures & More

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What a week...a lot of emotion on the House floor; announcements of Ford moving product to Mexico outraged me; John celebrated his 89th birthday; we had a memorial service for John's daughter Jeanne who died recently from lymphoma and we spent time with her children, who arrived from Poland; and John kept his sense of humor by tweeting. First, let's talk about the legislative week. Perhaps, one of... Read more »

One for the History Books

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What a week...history was made with Supreme Court decisions that sent strong messages across the land, there were tough votes in the Congress, and the country continues to heal from the senseless violence that still happens in our communities. While there were a number of significant decisions this week, the Supreme Court rulings on the ‪#‎AffordableCareAct‬ and ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬were truly defi... Read more »

My First Blog: a Week in Review

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Friends, as we begin the weekend I want to recap the past week in the House – the legislation we considered and the Michiganders who stopped by our office. It was a difficult week with very thought provoking votes and hard decisions to make. Three votes stand out. First ‪#‎TPA‬...since coming to office, I’ve made one thing crystal clear – Michigan cannot afford another bad trade deal. For the past... Read more »

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