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Dingell: Time has come to reopen the government

Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) released the following comment on the continued government shutdown:

“As this unnecessary shutdown continues, the President needs to show leadership by reopening the government. Every single Democrat agrees keeping our nation secure is our number one priority. Let’s debate in Congress, on the floor and in committee, the best ways to keep our borders secure. Using hundreds of thousands of federal workers – including members of the Coast Guard working on the Great Lakes, and TSA and Customs and Border Patrol agents keeping airports and the border safe – as pawns is no way to run the government. It’s disrespectful to the service and time federal employees devote to our country. Time has come for us reopen the government and leave debate for border security to regular order.”

Dingell and her office remain open for residents of the Twelfth Congressional District who need assistance with federal agencies, including Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits, and others. If you are in need of assistance please call her Dearborn Office at 313-278-2936, her Ypsilanti Office at 734-481-1100, or visit


This press release has been updated.

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