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Dingell Convenes VA Hospital Leaders, Veteran Service Organizations, Advocates in Coalition to Serve Southeast Michigan Veterans

Washington, August 12, 2019
Tags: Veterans

DEARBORN, MI – Today, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) gathered leaders of organizations that help veterans, including VA Hospital leaders, Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), veterans themselves, and others to convene a coalition committed to ensure Southeast Michigan veterans are being matched up with the services they need and are getting benefits they have earned.

With a breadth of organizations and community members working to serve Veterans, the coalition will focus on ensuring there are no gaps and resources are effectively reaching veterans in need.

“It’s so important to come together as a community to serve those who put on a uniform in defense our nation and freedoms,” said Dingell. “In order to effectively advocate for our veterans, we need to expand our community partners and build lasting coalitions. We have many different groups of veterans and each have different needs. Older veterans have different issues that may not impact younger veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Working together we are stronger than working independently – everyone needs to talk to one another. Our coalition will identify gaps and ensure we do a better job of letting veterans know the services that are available to them. We must ensure that every veteran knows they have a place to turn when they are facing a problem. Working together in a smart and efficient way ensures we are reaching everyone and not leaving any veteran behind.”

Going forward the coalition will meet regularly to discuss problems veterans face in the region and work together to identify solutions.


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