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Dingell, Khanna Unveil Made in the USA Bill to Revitalize American Manufacturing

Today Representatives Debbie Dingell (MI-06) and Ro Khanna (CA-17) unveiled their new Made in the USA bill as part of a factory tour in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The bill would invigorate U.S. manufacturing, create good-paying jobs, and protect workers by incentivizing and rewarding consumers for buying American-made goods.
Khanna and Dingell toured Motawi Tileworks and Leon Speakers’ respective manufacturing facilities and spoke with employees and leadership about the importance of supporting American manufacturing. Motawi Tileworks makes and sells handcrafted ceramic art tiles and designs larger-scale tile installations for homes and public spaces, and Leon Speakers is a family owned and operated company that started as pioneers of the soundbar category, and has expanded to include a full suite of award-winning speakers. These companies highlight the diversity of products manufactured in America, made by companies large and small. 
“Investing in American manufacturing drives innovation, prosperity, and progress,” Dingell said. “I’m proud to introduce the Made in the USA bill with Rep. Khanna to encourage consumers to support the family-owned small businesses here in our communities, and to look to American products first. It was great to visit Motawi Tileworks and Leon Speakers today to talk with their employees and see the great work they’re doing here in Ann Arbor. We must continue to strengthen our domestic manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, bring home good-paying jobs, and invest in American workers, and that’s exactly what this bill does.”
“I am proud to be introducing the Made in the USA bill with Representative Dingell,” said Representative Khanna. “This bill will make items more affordable for consumers and help support American businesses and workers. It’s an important piece of what needs to be a sweeping set of policy actions designed to restore American manufacturing and technology leadership and a call to respect workers who will help our country achieve that goal.” 
The United States used to be the world’s workshop, but since 1998, the decline in American manufacturing and the increase in imports has led to the closure of over 70,000 factories. These jobs and factories supported entire communities and regions that have since been hollowed out. The loss of manufacturing has hurt not only the economy but also the American dream. 
The 12 million manufacturing jobs that remain pay above-average wages and are often unionized. They earn workers not just a paycheck, but dignity and the prospect of upward mobility without advanced degrees. These jobs must be retained and grown. 
To help achieve these goals, the Made in the USA Tax Credit Act would: 
• Create a refundable tax credit of up to $2,500 ($5,000 for couples filing jointly) for purchases of products meeting the Federal Trade Commission’s “Made in the USA” standard. 
• Adjust the maximum amount of the credit with inflation each year. 
• Exclude luxury goods, tobacco products, firearms, vehicles, fuel, services, food and non-depreciable property from qualifying for this tax credit. 
• Apply to any individual (other than dependents) making less than $125,000 and with less than $20,000 in investment income or couples filing jointly making less than $250,000 and with less than $40,000 in investment income. 
• Set aside funds for inclusive IRS outreach activities to inform consumers and businesses in underserved communities about this tax credit and educate them on what goods qualify. 

View photos from the tour here

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