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Dingell: TPP Text Even Worse Than Expected

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) released the following statement today after the Administration published the text of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

“After years of closed negotiations with a total lack of transparency, the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has finally been released to the public this morning. In the first quick read of literally hundreds of pages, it appears that the agreement is even worse than expected, and the auto industry is among the biggest losers. 
"The agreement's lack of any meaningful protections against currency manipulation means millions of American jobs – in the auto industry and many other sectors – will continue to be threatened by foreign governments who attempt to tilt the global playing field in favor of their industries and against the United States. Up to five million U.S. jobs have already been lost because of currency manipulation – the mother of all trade barriers – and as I have said before, when is enough, enough?

"Beyond this, it also contains weak labor standards and weak rules of origin that will reward countries that support sweatshops and abusive working conditions, at the same time putting even more American jobs at risk.

"We need a fresh approach to trade in this country that protects American jobs and wages. We need a government that supports working men and women. I plan to read this agreement word for word in the next few days and to fully examine it with my colleagues and the experts in this arena with the intent of being a voice for hardworking American families."

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